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House Groups

The House System and Supporting your Child info

The main purpose of the Guidance System is to enable all pupils in the school to make the best use of their educational opportunities and to provide help and support when needed. The provision of Guidance to all pupils in the school is achieved through a House based pastoral system in conjunction with a Social Education Programme that is delivered by the Guidance Team.

All pupils in the school are organised into one of six houses; St. Andrew, St. Columba, St Katherine, St. Margaret, St. Ninian and St. Patrick. Each student is assigned to a registration group belonging to one of the six houses under the charge of a Depute Head teacher in the role of House Head. Each registration group stays together from S1 to S6 and retains the same Registration Teacher, House Head and Guidance Teacher.

The Guidance Staff deliver pastoral care to all students in co-operation with Registration Teachers, Subject teachers, Principal Teachers, Depute Head Teachers and other professionals from many services.

The Guidance department aims to:


  • Provide a point of personal contact with every pupil.

  • Provide a point of personal contact with parents.

  • Monitor progress and achievement across the whole curriculum for all pupils.

  • Offer support and guidance to pupils on many issues which affect their development and achievement.

  • Liaise with the wider education and welfare network as appropriate.

  • Help pupils appraise their strengths and weaknesses, set targets and to review progress.

  • Prepare pupils for life beyond school in respect of being responsible for their own educational and vocational progress, reaching their own decisions, defining the steps necessary to move forward and realising their aspirations.

House Groups

Each pupil will be allocated to one of the four houses where their Register Teacher, Guidance Teacher and House Head will work to form a very close team which will allow these staff to support the young people on a day to day basis.

The House Groups are as follows:

St Andrews

House Head: Depute Head :Miss J Divers

Guidance Team: Mr Finbarr McCarthy

St Columba

House Head: Depute Head:  Miss J Divers

Guidance Team: Mrs Sandra Ansquer

St Katherine 

House Head: Depute Head: Ms A McFarlane

Guidance Team: Ms K Girolami

St Margaret

House Head: Depute Head:  Mrs McCarthy

Guidance Team: Miss Bernie Flynn

St Patrick

House Head: Depute Head: Ms A McFarlane

Guidance Team: Miss Leigh Selvey

St Ninian

House Head: Depute Head: Mrs Fiona McCarthy

Guidance Team: Mr T Reilly

Each house will have up to 200 pupils