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SCHOOL UNIFORM 2018 - 2019

School Uniform requirements.

Dear Parent/Carer

'One Community Many Gifts'

We want to show that we are one community in St Paul's.

For this reason I ask for your support with the school uniform for next term.  We have very high expectations for your son/daughter in terms of their behaviour, commitment, participation, homework and progress.

We also wish to maintain a high standard of dress code.


·         Promotes equality between pupils

·         Builds self-esteem

·         Improves security

·         Creates a good image of St Paul's

·         Improves Ethos which in turn creates a sense of belonging

·         Promotes positive behaviour

All jumpers, skirts, trousers, shoes are black and this should help reduce the cost. 

Blazers are available to order in June through the school by all S4, S5 and S6 pupils, and can also be bought from the school wear shop.  School sweatshirts can also be bought from the school wear shop, 1-3 Meadowside, Dundee, DD1 1LW

Please support our school by wearing full school uniform

Thank you for your support.

Mrs T Little

THE SCHOOL WEAR SHOP, 1-3 MEADOWSIDE, DUNDEE DD1 1LW             TEL:  01382 200926




  1. Black shirt (knee length) or dress trousers (not skinny jeans/combat trousers or leggings)
  2. White shirt
  3. School tie
  4. School v-neck sweatshirt with St. Paul's badge or plain black cardigan or v-neck sweatshirt
  5. Black shoes (no trainers, no biker, no cat or fashion boots)



  1. Black skirt (knee length) or dress trousers (not skinny jeans/combat trousers or leggings)
  2. White shirt
  3. School tie or Senior school tie
  4. School blazer - with green binding and badge
  5. Plain black cardigan or v-neck sweatshirt
  6. Black shoes (no trainers, no biker, no cat or fashion boots)



​​The PE kit is available from the school wear shop and is dri-fit material.  The colours are the same for boys and girls, black shorts, t-shirt with green and white piping.


  • ​No denim jackets

  • No skinny jeans

  • No combat trousers

  • No leggings

  • No trainers

  • ​No biker, cat or fashion boots


Now available under School tab


Are you a Single Dad

Are you a Single Dad? Are you a Separated Dad? Parenting can be great, but we know that being a single dad or a separated dad can be tough sometimes. We know that getting a bit of support and advice, or even just someone to talk to, can improve family life for you and your children. Here at One Parent Families Scotland Dundee Family Support Services we have a dedicated children and fathers worker who is here to listen, to give some advice and offer support. This can be about anything to do with being a dad. If you are a single or a separated dad, feeling in need of a helping hand, our friendly worker, Claire, can help. Get in contact by phoning or texting 501972/07793451316 Email: Message us on Facebook @ One Parent Families Scotland Dundee Family Support Services



Dundee Drop In 2017/2018

DUNDEE SERVICES 2017/2018 dropin Free food, advice and support

DDI UC Booklet

Dundee Drop In Services and Universal Credit Information

S1 and S2 Digital Media work

Our S1 and S2 pupils have been working on a variety of Digital Media tasks in Computing Science this term. Click the links below to see some examples:






Now available under School tab.

S1 Computing Science Ambassadors

S1s help out at P6/7 Open Evening

Very proud of our S1 Computing Science Ambassadors giving up their time  to help with Microbit sessions at the recent open evening.Our visitors were very impressed with their enthusiasm and knowledge .

Animated School Prayer

Natalia Waszkowiak 1.4 animated school prayer

Congratulations to Natalia Waszkowiak from 1.4 whose animated school prayer was judged as the winning entry by the Principal Teacher of RE Mrs Dow. Natalia's animation has been running on a loop on the school TVs for everyone to enjoy.

P6/P7 Open Evening - Monday 2 October 2017 at 6:30 pm

The transfer from Primary to Secondary school is a very important step for both pupil and parent alike. So, it is important to us that your child feels as secure and comfortable as possible with the move to St. Paul’s RC Academy. The aim of our Open Evening is to show your child and you, not just the curricular challenges that lie ahead but how the involvement in the wider life of the school contributes to the development of a well-rounded, confident individual. Therefore, my colleagues and I would like to invite you and your child to an Open Evening beginning at 6:30 pm on Monday 2nd October 2017. This evening will focus on sharing our S1 experience educational and extra-curricular successes which makes St. Paul’s truly a “Community of many Gifts”.
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