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Child Protection

Dundee City Council has clear Child Protection Policy and Guidelines in place. Staff in schools work with other agencies to keep children safe. All school staff receive training each year and staff must report any concerns they have regarding the young person. In every situation the welfare of the young person overrides other consideration.

The designated Child Protection Officers for St Paul’s are:

  • Mrs Sandra Ansquer

  • Miss Leigh Selvey

The role of designated Child Protection Officer (CPO) is key to the Education Department's strategy for protecting children and assisting staff in responding to and managing concerns. Designating this role to a member of staff other than the HT enables a 'two heads are better than one' approach to reflection and clear thinking. Having more than one member of staff able to lead on CP issues provides a safeguard during those times when there is staff absence. The designation of the appropriate person/s to act as CPO needs consideration.

Qualities required of a CPO are:

  1. accessibility and readiness to listen,

  2. empathy with children and young people,

  3. clear thinking and ability to be objective,

  4. good recordkeeping and report-writing skills,

  5. prepared to seek advice and draw on others' experience,

  6. familiar with the roles of other professionals who work with children and young people and who are concerned with child protection, 

  7. perseverance, determination and tenacity.