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Mangamanuthu Progress Report

Phase One.

In 2007, we initiated our Indian Village Project. Two members of staff from Lawside Academy visited Trichy and Managamanthu to investigate posibilities. Thay took with them £5,000 to be invested in the local economy.They returned to dundee to suggest three possible areas of liaison: St Marcellin's Secondary Schooll Project. From that piont onwards, the staff, pupils and friends of the newly formed St pauls RC Academy joined together to raise funds for the next phase of our partnership.

Phase Two

consisted in raising funds in preparation for our second visit to India. This time £10,000 was taken over to be used for housing in the villages, livestock, materials for the Rainbow project and the school. The money was spent in Trichy and Mangamanuthu in an effort to help boost the local economy by providing local builders with materials, by purchasing goats and other livestock in a an effort to assist the local population develop.

Phase Three

In July 2009 three members of staff flew over to India to check progress in the village, the school and the Rainbow project.