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Vision and Values

Our vision for St. Paul’s is to have an ambitious excellent school that provides core Catholic values where these values will be based on Gospel teaching and are emphasised and shared by all staff and pupils at every opportunity.  St Paul’s will be a nurturing inclusive school in a caring community where all staff and pupils feel nurtured and valued and every member of staff and pupil is encouraged to achieve the best of which they are capable.


In St Paul’s all pupils and staff are entitled to receive and give the highest quality of experience.


We know it is happening when?


  • A School Ethos that reflects a set of shared articulated values


  • A strong feeling amongst visitors, pupils, staff, parents that they are welcomed and valued


  • That pupils are known (as soon as possible) and treated as individuals by all staff particularly Guidance staff in the first instance


  • Expectations (in sense of attainment and achievement) that only the best will do


  • Strong sense of pride in school by pupils and staff


  • Good relationships between staff and pupils


  • A pro-active and positive approach to managing behaviour and discipline


  • Encouraging self-respect and co-operation focused on improving conditions for learning


  • Staff and pupils are treated fairly and equally and are helped to develop a sense of achievement and self-esteem.


This aims to be a nurturing school where there is good communication with a strong sense of inclusion implementing restorative practices and committing ourselves to investing in people while developing a strong partnership with parents.


Our School Aims


  1. To be guided by Gospel values where everyone is welcomed, valued and respected.
  2. To recognise that everyone is uniquely gifted and made in the image of God.
  3. To provide a safe, caring and nurturing environment in which to develop.
  4. To encourage all members of the school community to achieve their full potential intellectually, socially, emotionally and spiritually.
  5. To work in partnership to achieve all of the above.