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Rewards Proposal for session 2016/17

  • There will be a reward each term for S1 – 4 pupils

  • Fundraising will be put in place throughout the year to raise money so minimal cost for pupils

  • Pupils will get the reward if they meet the following criteria

  • >90% attendance (85% in first term due to fewer weeks)

  • <5 Late to Class recorded that term

  • <3 LDs recorded that term

  • <5 lates recorded

  • No exclusions that term

  • <2 negative referrals

Aug – Oct

Reward will be Landmark as replacement M & Ds so will include pupils who had paid for M & Ds (including S5s) - £15 cost.  Fundraising Bingo night 15th Sept to offset this. (7th Oct)

Oct – Dec

Reward will be S1/2 Disco/Party and S3/4 Movie Party 2 consecutive pms.  Both will be held in assembly hall and tied in with non uniform days.  Reward will have no cost to pupils. (20th/21st Dec)

Jan – Apr

Reward will be Cinema/Icerink trip at cost for event to pupils, buses covered by  Non uniform - £5 cost (31st March)

Apr – June

Reward will be BBQ Fri 16 June pm, Non uniform – no cost