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Severe Weather


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Severe Weather

In the event of severe snow affecting the Dundee City Council area, the Chief Executive will assess the situation and decide if the closure of City Council offices should be authorised. Dundee City Council provides a range of essential services to the community and vulnerable groups may be at risk if certain facilities are withdrawn. In addition, it must be remembered that the public may require support from Council services in the event of severe disruption.

In the event of severe or prolonged snow overnight, the Chief Executive will obtain information on the current situation in relation to road clearance, public transport and the weather picture and general. Thereafter, the Chief Executive will consult with appropriate Chief Officers, who will advise on the effect they feel the weather situation will have on their departments' services and whether or not schools, day care establishments and other units should be closed for the day. Once this assessment is complete, the Chief Executive will decide whether or not the Council's administrative offices should open and to what extent any emergency arrangements should apply. Any decision on the closure of services, workplaces or offices, or the introduction of emergency arrangements will be notified to employees by means of a "cascade" telephone exercise, details of which will be notified to you by your department. Where possible, general advice will also be given to the public via local radio.


The following are links to guidance which contains information for parents/carers to inform them of severe weather arrangements.