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School Uniform

A very high standard of uniform is expected at St Paul's RC Academy at all times.

School Dress Code

The school uniform consists of white shirt, school tie, black school shoes, black school trousers or black school skirt and a v-neck sweatshirt with St Paul’s logo. The v-neck sweatshirt can be purchased from The Schoolwear Shop in Commercial Street.

  • All S1/S2 pupils must wear our school sweatshirts. Pupils who fail to adhere to the dress code may be challenged.

  • Pupils must only wear a black jacket/coat to school.

  • Pupils should avoid wearing any clothing that includes a logo.

  • We also discourage pupils from wearing high fashion items, jewellery, denim jackets, trainers or very short skirts.

  • We trust that parents and pupils will use common sense in dressing appropriately for school and will follow this dress code.

  • Seniors (S5/S6) must wear the St Paul’s School Blazer and senior tie.

  • Please check with the school before making any unusual purchase or uniform decisions.

St Paul’s RC Academy Uniform

S1/S2 Pupils

  • white shirt

  • black trousers or black skirt (knee length), no leggings/skinny jeans or combat trousers.

  • school tie

  • V-neck sweatshirt (with St. Paul’s logo)

  • black shoes (no trainers, no biker, no cat or fashion boots)

  • black jacket (outdoor jackets not to be worn indoors)

S3/S4 Pupils

  • white shirt

  • black trousers or skirt (knee length), no leggings/skinny jeans or combat trousers.

  • school tie

  • a plain black V-neck jumper/cardigan

  • black shoes

  • black jacket - S4 pupils are given the option of wearing school blazer,  (outdoor jackets not to be worn indoors)

Seniors S5/S6

  • white shirt

  • black trousers or skirt (knee length), no leggings/ skinny jeans or combat trousers.

  • St. Paul’s School Blazer

  • senior school tie

  • black shoes

  • School Clothing Grants


    If you are in receipt of Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance - Income Based, Income Related Employment and Support Allowance, Guaranteed Pension Credit, Support under Part IV of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999, Child Tax Credit with an income of less than £16,105, as assessed by the Inland Revenue, Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit you may be entitled to receive a grant towards the cost of buying essential clothing to enable children up to the age of 16 to attend school. Grants are paid directly into the applicant's bank account or paid by cheque where the applicant does not have a bank account.

    Application forms are available from:

    Customer Contact Centre
    50 North Lindsay Street
    Dundee DD1 1QE Map
    Tel: 433458