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Parent Council Constitution

Parent Council Constitution

St Paul’s R.C. Academy Parent Council




1.   The aims of St Paul’s R.C. Academy Parent Council (hereinafter referred to as “the Council”) are:

  • To promote partnership and co-operation between the school, its pupils, their parents/carers and the wider community.
  • To develop and engage in activities which support the education, physical and emotional well-being of the pupils, both within and outside of the school.
  • To identify and represent the views of parents/carers with regard to the education provided by the school and other matters affecting the education and welfare of the pupils.
  • To report periodically to the Parent Forum on its activities.
  • To support and encourage the activities of other groups whose aims can be seen to complement those of the Council.

1.1  The Parent Forum is made up of all of the parents, carers or guardians, hereinafter referred to as     ‘parents’ of pupils at St Paul’s R.C. Academy.


2.1 The Council’s membership must comprise principally members of the Parent Forum.

2.2 The Council’s membership will comprise a minimum of 3 parents.

2.3 Parent members of the Council should, as far possible, be parents of pupils at different stages of the school, but, should not preclude all parents being represented.

2.4 School staff will be represented on the parent council. One of the representatives will be the Head Teacher, or his/her depute.

2.5 School pupils will be represented by the School Captains, their Deputes and/or members of the Pupil Council. This should normally be a minimum of two pupils from the Captains/Deputes pool, with the proviso to invite others from the pupils representative council or their nominees for specific purposes.

2.6 The Council will have the power to co-opt members.

2.7 Parent members will be selected from the Parent Forum through a self-nomination process. They may serve on the Council until such time as they are no longer a member of the parent forum. If a parent is due to leave the Council they should where possible, nominate a parent interested in joining the Council in their place. The Council will make information about the Council and its work available to all new parents at the P7-S1 Parent Evenings and produce an information leaflet, to be issued by the school, to the parents of new enrolments thereafter.

2.8 Staff members will be selected through a self-nomination process and may serve on the Council until such time as they are no longer employed in the school. A maximum of 1/3 of the Council at any time may comprise staff members, other than the Head Teacher or his/her depute.

2.9 Co-opted members may serve at the discretion of the council, with an annual opportunity being taken by the Council to review its membership.

2.10 Co-opted members should be proposed by a member of the Council and supported by the majority of members.

2.11 One of the Co-opted members must be a representative of the Church and will be nominated by the Diocese Of Dunkeld.


3.1 The office bearers of the Council will be the Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson, the Secretary and the Treasurer.

3.2 The Chairperson or acting Chairperson must be a member of the Parent Forum.
In the absence of the Chairperson, at any Council meeting, another member of the Council will be appointed temporary Chairperson selected by those parents present at that Council meeting.

3.3 The office bearers will be selected by the Council on an annual basis at the AGM. Office Bearers can be re-elected annually but serve in the same position for no longer than four consecutive years. There must  then be a break of at least two years before an individual can be re-elected for the same position.

3.4 The Treasurer/Secretary can be a parent, staff member or a co-opted member of the Council, and may be the same person in both roles if required. The Secretary may also be a person appointed to the role without being a parent of a pupil in the school, in which case an honorarium may be payable.


4.1 An annual schedule of meetings, of at least one per term, will be agreed by the Council and distributed to all members of the Parent Forum and the wider community.

4.2 The Chairperson will normally liaise with all interested parties before finalising the agenda for a Council meeting.

4.3 The quorum for any meeting will comprise at least 3 members of the Council, 2 of who must be parent members.

4.4 Should it be necessary to vote on decisions at meetings of the Council, then each Council member at the meeting, who is a parent of a pupil at the school will have one vote, with the Chair having a casting vote in the event of a tie.

4.5 All meetings of the Council shall be open to the public, unless the Council is discussing an issue which it considers should be dealt with on a confidential basis.


5.1 The minute of each meeting will be recorded by the Secretary/acting Secretary.
In the absence of the Secretary the Council will appoint an acting secretary to record the minute.

5.2 The first item of business at routine meetings will be to approve the minute of the previous meeting.

5.3 Once approved, a copy of each minute will be made public and be available on request.


6.1 The Council can at any time call a Special Meeting outside the published annual schedule of meetings.

6.2 Members of the Parent Forum may, at any time, request a Special Meeting of the Council. If 50 members of the Parent Forum sign a petition requesting such a meeting, then the Council will arrange such a meeting within 4 school weeks of receiving the petition.

6.3 All members of the Parent Forum should be given at least 14 days’ notice of any Special Meeting, together with an indication of the agenda for that meeting.


The first Council meeting of each school year will be an Annual General Meeting and will normally be held before the end of September. A notice of the meeting will be sent to all members of the Parent Forum at least 2 weeks in advance. The agenda for this meeting will include:

  • a report on the work of the Council
  • approval of the accounts and appointment of an independent auditor
  • selection of the new Council and office bearers.

In the event that there are several persons wishing to be selected for official posts a ballot of the Council members may be conducted.

Alternatively the post may be shared to ensure a second official available for Council meetings when the primary office bearer cannot attend, negating the requirement for selection of replacements.


The Council may change its constitution after consulting with the Parent Forum. Members of the Parent Forum will be sent a copy of any proposed amendment and given reasonable time to respond to the proposal.


9.1 The Treasurer will open a bank or building society account in the name of the Council for all Council funds. Withdrawals will require as a minimum the signature of two of the nominated signatories. The nominated signatories to the bank or building society account will be limited to three office bearers.

9.2 The Council will be responsible for ensuring that all monies are used in accordance with the aims of the Council.

9.3 The Treasurer will keep a record of all income and expenditure, and will provide a summary of this for each meeting of the Council and a full account for the Annual General Meeting.

9.4 The Council will appoint a suitably qualified, independent auditor. The auditor should not be a member of the Council, or a relation of a Council member. The auditor will prepare annual accounts for presentation to the Parent Forum at the Annual General Meeting.

9.5 If the Council ceases to exist, any remaining funds will be held by St Paul’s R. C. Academy and passed to the successor body to be used for the benefit of the school.