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Behaviour and Relationships

In St. Paul’s Academy we strive to create an atmosphere which will enable teachers to teach effectively and young people to learn effectively.

To achieve this all pupils are expected to contribute by:

  • Showing respect to all;

  • Working to the best of their ability;

  • Being well prepared and on time for lessons so they can reach their potential;

All teachers are expected to contribute by:

  • Showing respect to all;

  • Being well prepared and on time for every lesson;

  • Working to encourage young people so that they achieve their full potential;

High expectations of pupils and staff should be evident in the ethos of the school and in the practice throughout St Paul’s forging the highest standard of behaviour and relationships.

An acceptable code of conduct is used to clarify expectations and foster a mix of firmness, fairness and common sense.

Disruption which causes interruption to the learning of others will lead to the application of a range of sanctions.

In St. Paul’s we are currently consulting with parents, pupils and staff to reform and approve our policy and procedure to ensure positive behaviour.

Children Leaving School Premises

In St Paul’s to ensure the welfare of our pupils no pupils are allowed out of school during interval without express permission of a senior member of staff. As indicated in the introduction at lunchtime all pupils are expected to use the school’s cafeteria where there are full meals, snacks, sandwiches etc on offer.

Children moving from class to class

All pupils are expected to treat the fabric of the building with respect and pride. Pupils should move round the building in a quiet orderly fashion at all times, walking on the left of the corridor.