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Internet Safety

websites to help you stay safe online
Internet safety and responsible use
Education Scotland website
Think u know
Internet safety advice for young people, parents and carers from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre
Get safe on line
Joint initiative between the government and law enforcement agencies
Stay Safe
CBBC internet safety website
Chat Danger
Stay safe using chatrooms, IM, email or online games
Cyber Mentors
support for young people from Beatbullying
Helping to make the internet a great and safe place for children
CBBC staysafe
Chat danger
Get safe online
Glow internet safety
Internet Safety and Responsibility
Family online safety
safer internet
the parents zone
Parents & Carers Website
This new website supports parents and carers in protecting their children from abuse online. The site provides advice for parents who are concerned about their children, as well as those just looking to learn more about what they can do to keep their children safe.
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stpaulsdundee : RT @EducationScot: New #CfEBenchmarks for all curriculum areas published last week. Have you checked them out yet?…
26 Mar, 2017 07:51
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stpaulsdundee : RT @stpaulshistory: Those going to cinema to vote for film choice in House Classes on Mon P3 @stpaulsdundee
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stpaulsdundee : RT @stpaulshistory: Higher History- African American reaction to the KKK
26 Mar, 2017 08:48
stpaulsdundee : RT @mrstrachan85: Tweet 48 of 99 Nat5 guide... Electric Fields (part 2). #saturdaynight #national5 #physics #revision #StudyIdeas #studying
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stpaulsdundee : RT @mrstrachan85: Tweet 47 of 99 Nat5 guide... Electric Fields (part 1). #national5 #physics #revision #StudyIdeas #study #FridayFeeling ht…
25 Mar, 2017 02:34
stpaulsdundee : RT @DYW_DA: So many apprenticeship vacancies in the area just now, see the link for more info and to apply
24 Mar, 2017 11:27
stpaulsdundee : RT @Grove_Academy: Seniors! Get your free revision guides tomorrow #exams #succeed
24 Mar, 2017 08:15
stpaulsdundee : RT @stpaulshistory: Thank you to @sciaf for letting us know @stpaulsdundee won this week's #weebox competition! Photos to follow!
24 Mar, 2017 06:32

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