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Internet Safety

websites to help you stay safe online
Internet safety and responsible use
Education Scotland website
Think u know
Internet safety advice for young people, parents and carers from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre
Get safe on line
Joint initiative between the government and law enforcement agencies
Stay Safe
CBBC internet safety website
Chat Danger
Stay safe using chatrooms, IM, email or online games
Cyber Mentors
support for young people from Beatbullying
Helping to make the internet a great and safe place for children
CBBC staysafe
Chat danger
Get safe online
Glow internet safety
Internet Safety and Responsibility
Family online safety
safer internet
the parents zone
Parents & Carers Website
This new website supports parents and carers in protecting their children from abuse online. The site provides advice for parents who are concerned about their children, as well as those just looking to learn more about what they can do to keep their children safe.
#stpaulsdundee Twitter Feed
stpaulsdundee : RT @stpaulshomeec: S1 starting their kitchen practicals this week 👏🏼 Chef of the Week for 1.1 is Renne Shields' fruit salad this morning @s
07 Dec, 2016 08:22
stpaulsdundee : RT @DYWDundee: University of Dundee Students and S2 pupils working together on a live project #betterplacesbetterhealth…
07 Dec, 2016 08:21
stpaulsdundee : RT @DYWDundee: Week 2 of 'Better Places, Better Health'...what ideas have they come up with?
07 Dec, 2016 08:21
stpaulsdundee : RT @SPCS2016: Bored riding your bike the old fashioned way???? Here is some ideas you 😳
07 Dec, 2016 08:19
stpaulsdundee : RT @CairdHallDundee: Caird Hall #Dundee's Spring programme has just launched! Check it out at for great shows to st…
07 Dec, 2016 08:19
stpaulsdundee : RT @McManusDundee: Oor Wullie Bucket Trail 2017 calendars available at The McManus Shop! Relive the #OorWullie sensation that took #Dundee
07 Dec, 2016 08:19
stpaulsdundee : RT @stpaulscomp: Our @LittleBIGAwards squad split into sub-teams. Oriana,Cain&Connor-R&D while Steven&Matt look at tech capabilities of @BB
06 Dec, 2016 10:40
stpaulsdundee : RT @DundeeYC: Shared: Work experience for Dundee pupils - Read more at via @DundeeYC @Evening_Tele #Dundee
06 Dec, 2016 06:47
stpaulsdundee : RT @SCHOLARuk: Studying Higher/AH Modern Languages and wanting help 'Improving your listening skills'? Join us @ 6 (H) or 6:45 (AH) https:/…
06 Dec, 2016 06:46
stpaulsdundee : RT @SCHOLARuk: @SCHOLARuk Completing the square was the clear winner of our National 5 revision poll! Watch this space for details of a for…
05 Dec, 2016 08:11

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