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ICT refers to forms of technology that are used to transmit, store, create, display, share or exchange information by electronic means.


This broad definition of ICT currently includes such technologies as media, telecommunications, and computer hardware and software; it also includes equipment and services associated with these technologies, such as videoconferencing, email and blogs.


Being skilled in using ICT is essential if children and young people are to be effective contributors able to communicate and interact on a global scale. Across the curriculum, skills in ICT will be developed in the context of the learning and teaching as appropriate to the child or young person’s maturity. All teachers, in all sectors, in all departments and in all settings, have opportunities to apply, reinforce and extend ICT skills within and across curriculum areas to equip children and young people with the learning and employability skills required for the 21st century.


The S1 ICT course in run jointly between the Business Studies Deparment and the Computing Department.  The course aims to provide pupils with some of the basic ICT skills that they can then apply in other curricular areas.  Considerable emphasis is given to working safely in an ICT environment and making considered choices regards the choice of software for a particular task.  Skills and knowledge covered include:


  • File Management & Device Safety

  • ICT Health & Safety

  • Glow Communications including email, blogs and wikis

  • Personal Finance - Budgetting & Contracts

  • Hardware-themed Internet Research

  • Scratch Programming