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Higher Design Manufacture

Higher Design and Manufacture


Here are some practice exam papers

Reource No Description
1 Practice Paper 1
Practice Paper 1 Answers
2 Practice Paper 2
Practice Paper 2 Answers
3 Practice Paper 3
Practice Paper 3 Answers

Design and Manufacture
Specimen Paper and Answers

Below are homeworks to use as revision for the final exam.

Resource No     Descirption
1   Aesthetics
2   Design Process
3   Materials and Manufacture
4   Manufacturing Systems
5   Environmental Concerns


This section links the homework exercises to be completed by the end of term. Remember to use the additional links below to the course notes  for help. All homeworks are in PDF format.


Homework No Topic Marks Issue Date Return Date
1 Design Factors / Ergonomics (Chair, Kettle). 20 13/09/2017 18/092017
2 Ergonomics / Aesthetics (Game Pad, Trainer).      
3 Aesthetics / Function (Sky Remote, Bus Shelter).      
4 Materials (Lamp, Knob, Frame)      
5 Material Properties (Utensils, Racquet)      
6 Function / Aesthetics / Vac Forming (Bread Bin, Containers).      
7 Spec / Materials / Production (Lawnmower).      
8 Life Cycle Evaluation / Safety (Tablet, Kettle).      
9 Materials / Manufacture (Products, Die Cast Car).      

Use the links below to access the course notes that will help you with the homework above.

Factors That Influence Design Booklet
Aesthetics Booklet
Ergonomics Booklet

Materials PowerPoint
Processes PowerPoint

Spider Diagram

 Material Exemplars                Process Exemplars