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S5/6 Graphic Communication

Higher Graphic Communication

Higher Graphic Communication and Homelearning


 Number Topic Marks Issue Date Due Date
  Homework 1 DTP       Complete                
  Hommework 2 3D Design Questions       Complete
  Homework Booklet Qestion 1 & 2       Complete
  Homework Booklet Qestion 3&4       Complete  
  BSI  Qestions 1 to 4       Complete

Homework Booklet Qestion 6 28-35

Question Paper Brief New Higher Notes
Easter Revision Design elements and principal Tutorials
2015 Exam Paper 2015 Exam Marking Instructions
Specimen Paper The purpose of thumbnails
Exemplar  Paper Sections
Past Paper Homelearning A&D of hardcopy or digital advertising   
Homework booklet (all) Additional Study Note Links