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SCQF Level 3, 4 & 5 Wellbeing


The main purpose of the Award is to encourage learners to take a holistic view of wellbeing, looking at connections between mental, emotional, social and physical health. Learners will have the opportunity to explore different ideas of health and wellbeing at a personal, community, societal or global level, and to improve personal wellbeing.


This Award offers opportunities for promoting confidence, independent thinking and positive attitudes, and aims to motivate learners to be successful and participate responsibly in the wider community. Wellbeing is central to effective learning and as a preparation for life and work. The Award also promotes thinking, research, decision making and communication skills. These skills are of value to learners in both personal and work contexts.


The Award aims to support learners to:


♦ develop an understanding of wellbeing

♦ investigate factors that influence wellbeing

♦ identify and evaluate choices about wellbeing

♦ set goals and plan to improve wellbeing

♦ undertake a task to improve wellbeing

♦ communicate the results of the task


Active learning and personalisation will be promoted by giving learners opportunities to investigate issues and topics of their own choice, with appropriate guidance from the teacher/lecturer. Many activities will involve collaborative learning as learners work with others to discuss and present their ideas.