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SCQF Level 5 in Leadership


Leadership permeates many areas of society and is recognised and valued in education, employment and life. Leadership can be formal, for example in employment or politics, or it can be informal, for example in social groups. The concept of leadership implies that various abilities exist and that these will be evident in the variety of leadership styles, skills and qualities demonstrated by leaders when taking a leading role in an activity.


This Award is designed to help learners understand the meaning of leadership by finding out about different leadership styles, skills and qualities. They will be able to consider, through comparing a variety of leaders, what makes an effective leader. Learners will be able to use this knowledge to help them consider their own potential for leadership. Learners will also be able to develop their leadership abilities as they will be given the opportunity to take on a leading role for an activity. This Award will give learners an opportunity to explore the relationship between leadership and teamwork. As a consequence this Award should promote opportunities which allow individuals to build self confidence and self esteem.


The school has the flexibility to choose the delivery method which best suits its circumstances and the pupils. The Leadership Award opens up the possibility of continued study in the area of leadership and management for candidates, and achievement of this qualification is nationally-recognised.


In addition, the Leadership Award meets the principles of Curriculum for Excellence.


The Leadership Award is endorsed by the Chartered Management Institute.


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