National 4 Business


The National 4 Business Course develops learners’ understanding of the way in which businesses operate in the current dynamic and competitive economic environment, and encourages enterprising attitudes.


The course consists of 2 mandatory Units as well as an Added Value Unit.  There is no final exam:


  • Business in Action (National 4)

Learners discover how businesses are organised by exploring the functional activities, such as marketing, finance, operations and human resources, and applying their understanding of these areas to support business planning and decision making.


  • Influences on Business (National 4)

Learners investigate stakeholders’ influence on businesses and acquire skills and knowledge and understanding relating to the financial, economic, competitive and social environment in which businesses have to operate.


  • Added Value Unit: Business Assignment (National 4)

Learners draw on and apply the skills, knowledge and understanding gained from across the other Units of the Course. This is demonstrated in an assignment.