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Advanced Higher Business Management


The Advanced Higher Business Management Course prepares learners to play an active part in Scotland’s vibrant and innovative business culture by equipping them with an understanding of the national and global nature of business.


Learners develop analytical and research skills by investigating real organisations in a range of contexts. They gain a perspective that gives them the ability to research, analyse and interpret the actions and decisions taken by such organisations, and to explain how these actions and decisions might affect businesses and their economic success.


The Course consists of three mandatory Units.  A pupil’s grade is based on the final exam (80 marks) and a coursework assignment under controlled conditions (40 marks):


  • The External Business Environment (Advanced Higher)

In this Unit, learners will develop a detailed knowledge and in-depth understanding of the effects of external influences on organisations operating at a multinational and global level. The Unit provides learners with the opportunities to investigate how an organisation is affected by external factors and to gain an in-depth understanding of the responsibilities of managers in an economic, social and environmental context. Learners will analyse and evaluate the impact of such external factors and consider the effectiveness of various courses of action.


  • The Internal Business Environment (Advanced Higher)

In this Unit, learners will gain a thorough grounding in the discipline that forms the basis of management practice. The Unit allows learners to carry out activities that will expand their knowledge of both traditional and contemporary management theories used by organisations to maximise their efficiency. It also allows learners to analyse and evaluate theories relating to internal factors that influence the success of teams.


  • Evaluating Business Information (Advanced Higher)

In this Unit, learners will develop skills in evaluating a range of business information used by organisations to reach conclusions. This will help learners to become competent and confident in the analysis and evaluation of business information, based on a research project carried out on a topic from the Course.