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National 4 Administration & IT


The National 4 Administration and IT Course develops learners’ administrative, organisational and IT skills. Learners develop an understanding of administration in the workplace and the key legislation affecting employeers, enabling them to contribute to the effective functioning of organisations through administrative positions.


This course consists of 3 Mandatory units and an added value unit.  There is no final exam:


  • Administrative Practices (National 4)

Learners apply basic understanding of administration procedures, legislation and customer service to carry out a range of straightforward administrative tasks, with an emphasis on organising and supporting small-scale events.


  • Communication in Administration (National 4)

Learners use IT to gather, share and communicate information in administration related contexts, developing a basic understanding of the methods of obtaining reliable sources of information. 


  • IT Solutions for Administrators (National 4)

Learners use IT applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, databases, or emerging equivalent technologies, to create, edit and update simple business documents in administration related contexts


  • Added Value Unit: Administration in Action (National 4)

This unit draws on the knowledge, understanding and skills developed in the other three Units. Learners undertake a practical admin and IT-based assignment, which involves a range of straightforward tasks related to organising and supporting small-scale events.