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Higher Administration & IT


The Higher Administration and IT Course develops learners’ advanced administrative and IT skills for processing and managing information, and for communicating complex information effectively. The Course enables learners to contribute to the effective functioning of organisations through supervisory administrative positions.


This course consists of three mandatory Units.  A pupil’s grade is based on the final exam (theory - 30%) and a coursework element (IT skills - 70%):


  • Administrative Theory and Practice (Higher)

Learners will gain knowledge and understanding of the factors that make administration effective eg good time/task management, compliance with workplace legislation, and what makes an effective team. The theory in this Unit will also cover customer care.


  • Communication in Administration (Higher)

Learners develop a range of IT skills for communicating complex information to others. Learners develop an understanding of barriers to communication and ways of overcoming them.  The Unit will also develop learners’ knowledge and understanding of how to maintain the security and confidentiality of information.


  • IT Solutions for Administrators (Higher)

Learners extend their problem-solving skills in IT by organising and managing information for a given brief. Learners will select appropriate IT software eg word processing, spreadsheets and databases, or emerging technologies, and use them to analyse, process and manage complex information to create and edit business documents.