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Support For Learning



We aim to support the learning and personal development of pupils in accordance with school policy and local and national priorities.  We are closely involved with parents/carers, pupils and teaching staff to promote the inclusion of pupils with diverse intellectual, sensory, physical and behavioural needs.


The department is tasked with fulfilling the five roles of Support for Learning:

*  Consultancy

*  Teaching and Direct Tuition

*  Co-operative Teaching

*  Specialist Services - Testing, Assessment Arrangements, Transition, Curriculum Development

*  Staff Development

Irrespective of ability, a pupil may encounter difficulties with learning.  These difficulties may be long or short term and the Support for Learning department works closely with subject departments to ensure that pupils are supported appropriately. In as far as possible, pupils are supported in class by Additional Support Needs Assistants (ASNAs) or SfL teaching staff.  Other ways in which learning is supported includes:

*  Suggesting learning and teaching strategies for identified pupils ( tranferable to other pupils)

*  Setting and monitoring Additional Support Plans (ASPs), Summary of Planned Intervention (SPIs), and Co-ordinated Support Plans (CSPs) in conjunctioon with pupils, parents and subject staff.

*  Assisting mainstream teachers in developing resources for learning

*  Involvement in review meetings and transition meetings

*  Devising indivdulaised learning programmes

*  Managing procedures relationg to SQA Assessment Arrangements

*  Running reading and writing programmes (Early Bird Club and paired reading)

*  Managing the use of ICT (Alphasmarts and Laptops)

*  Offering individual tutorial times as appropriate

*  Liasing with Partner Agencies such as:


                          Bilingual services

                          CAMHS ‎

                          Dundee Educational Psychology Service

Joint Action Team

Princes Trust  - Fairbridge and Upbeet projects.

Pupil Support Workers

School CommunitySupport Service

School Medical Service;

School Support Workers

School Referral Team

Skills Development Scotland

Social Work Department


Young Carers


Other agencies.