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Geography……It’s all around us!”

The St Paul’s Geography Department aims to spark interest amongst young people in the variety of global and local events happening around us that make us all ‘Geographers at heart’!  We have two full-time members of staff, each with specialist knowledge in both Physical and Human Geography. 


Classrooms are well-equipped with ICT resources and materials used in active learning tasks.  Those pupils who choose to study Geography develop important skills which can enhance their learning in other areas of the school as well as in the world of work.  Studying Geography prepares many young people for careers in a variety of fields – Sport & Leisure, Tourism, Emergency Services, Gaming and ICT, Armed Forces, Town Planning, Transport, Civil Engineering, Surveying,  Meteorology, Conservation and Land Management.  Through the study of Geography we can understand the processes which shape our natural and human environment, predict changes in our local/global communities and immerse ourselves in the cultures of others around the world.  We make use of current media footage, documentaries, films, fieldwork opportunities, specialist knowledge from Guest Speakers and embrace topical events/issues which arise in our current time-frame.



S1 Geographers come to the department 3 periods a week in two 6-week blocks (in rotation with History and Modern Studies).  In the first rotation pupils study ‘My Place in the World’ – an introduction to Geography, exploring where we are in relation to important global places and a Dundee Development Project - Developing Dundee in the 21st Century’ – a closer look at our local area and recent urban developments, e.g. Dundee Waterfront Project. 

In rotation 2 they learn about ‘Extreme Weather’.  In both units of work they learn facts and skills, and are encouraged to develop their imagination and creativity.   They are given the opportunity to work on their own and in pairs/groups.  Pupils can develop their ICT skills as appropriate and can take part in a variety of Active Learning Tasks.

Pupils will be continually assessed ‘in-house’ and develop their knowledge and skills.



Geographers continue their studies in Geography as above which involves studying ‘Tsunamis’ in relation to the film 'The Impossible'.

 In rotation 2 they learn about ‘Global Health & Development’ where they study the differences in Developed and Developing countries. They are given the opportunity to make model Slums and participate in Population Jellybabies.



S3 pupils will now embark on a new course in session 2012/13 which follows the principles of Curriculum for Excellence.   They will study in the department for 2 periods per week and cover 4 units over the course of the year:

  • ‘Lights Out?’ – a focus on renewable energy and sustainability in relation to Climate Change.
  • ‘Food, Glorious Food!’ –the global production of food (and other raw materials) and its management.
  • ‘Raging Rivers ’ – how do Rivers shape our physical landscape?
  • ‘Violent Volcanoes' - The distribution of Volcanoes and their impact on people and the landscape.


National 4/5

 Entry to these courses is at the discretion of Subject Staff and decisions are based on prior attainment in Geography and Social Subjects, Sciences, Maths and English.

Pupils work through 3 units:

  • Physical Environments – Glaciated Uplands, Weather and Coastal Landscapes.
  • Human Environments – Urban, Rural and Population.
  • Environmental Interactions – Development & Health, Environmental Hazards and Climate Change.
  • Added Value Unit and Assignment - Geographical Project.

Internal and external assessments are completed in accordance with the SQA framework.



New Higher starting in August 2014.