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Religious and Moral Education

What will learning in religious education in Roman Catholic schools enable children and young people to do?


As many schools and teachers recognise, the curriculum is more than curriculum areas and subjects: it is the totality of experiences which are planned for children and young people through their education – a canvas upon which their learning experiences are formed. Learning through religious education in Roman Catholic schools is no exception, contributing to the four aspects of the curriculum from Progress and Proposals: the ethos and life of the school, interdisciplinary studies, curriculum areas and subjects, and opportunities for personal achievement.


Within Roman Catholic schools children and young people will be at different places in the spectrum of faith development. While most young people will be of the Catholic tradition, some will be of other denominations and faiths or have stances for living which may be independent of religious belief. Religious education should support all children and young people in their personal search for truth and meaning in life, and so it is central to their educational development. This is recognised in Church documents which offer guidance on Catholic education: