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Library Homepage

The school Library Resource Centre plays a huge role at the centre of the school.  We have 7,500 wonderful books just waiting to be borrowed, read and returned.  Pupils are welcome in the LRC at lunchtime Monday to Thursday and before school and after school every day. 

On Thursday we run an activities club where pupils can sit and play board games, colour in and draw as well as sitting reading books.

We have a reference section with encyclopedias etc and a careers library to give you information about various jobs.  The careers advisor is usually in once a week to help you with any questions you might have about various jobs.

The Librarian is always on hand after school to give you a helping hand with homework questions and we have a great selection of past papers and success guides to help you study for those important exams.

There are 26 computers available in the LRC.  Out of class time these can be used to type up homework, carry out research and maybe, sometimes, even play some games.



Based within the LRC our Careers Advisor – currently Lorraine McDonald is on hand on Thursdays.  You can book an appointment to see her by asking your guidance teacher.  If you just have a quick question why not just pop in to see her Thursday lunchtime?

Borrowing Books

All pupils are entitled to borrow books from the school Library Resource Centre.  Although we don’t issue library cards all pupils are automatically enrolled as members of the LRC when they join the community of St Paul’s.  Every pupil may borrow one book at a time.  This is issued for two weeks.  The book remains your responsibility until it is returned.  Do not let your friend have a shot of your library book because if they don’t bring it back you will be the one in trouble!

If you need your book for longer get it renewed for another two weeks.  That way we know you haven’t forgotten that you have it.  If you have an overdue book you will not be able to borrow another until that is returned.