N4/5 French


Item Description Date Issued Date Due
Revision for Talking element of Added Value Unit - learn your presentation and answers to questions
15th June 20th June
Two Family worksheets - gap-fill and translation of sentences + translation of two paragraphs
31st Aug 5th Sep
Bright Red page 26 text 1 - answer questions in English
7th Sep 12th Sep
04 Bright Red page 28 - Brigitte's paragraph. Supply correct French word and translate completed paragraph into English. 14th Sep 19th Sep
Preparation for SQA Writing assessment Wednesday 26th October -- Bright Red page 31 - complete paragraphs with correct French words and translate each into English
5th Oct 24th/27th Oct
06 "Mon Portable" worksheet - finish translations and match up exercise. 2nd Nov 7th Nov