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The St Paul’s RC Academy English Department aims to develop pupils’ skills in the elements of Reading, Writing, Listening and Talking.  In our welcoming and busy department, we seek to ensure that each pupil achieves all that they can.

The importance of English as one of the core subjects you will study means that we are one of the biggest departments in the school. The department consists of 7 members of staff, including the Principal Teacher.  You will find us on the first floor of Block A (the Blue Corridor) next to the Modern Languages Department. The English Department consists of 8 bright and well-equipped classrooms, many of which have the benefit of Interactive Whiteboards.   When you enter our corridor, the first thing you will notice is the range of pupils’ work adorning our display boards: we like to celebrate success and show others just how much you have achieved during your lessons!

If you are keen to develop your means of self-expression, the English Department is a place you will look forward to visiting. We encourage pupils to read widely and have formed close links with our School Librarian, Mrs Moug.

S1 and S2

S1 and S2 pupils are timetabled to study English 4 periods per week. During that time, pupils will follow a Curriculum for Excellence, during which they will be expected to engage in a broad range of Experiences and Outcomes, including:

• engaging with and creating a wide range of texts (such as prose, poetry, drama, reference material, journals, letters, internet sites, advertising, film - and even graphic novels!)
• communicating, collaborating and building relationships
• reflecting on, and explaining, literacy and thinking skills
• exploring the richness and diversity of language
• extending and enriching vocabulary through listening, talking, watching and reading

In the English Department, we believe in encouraging pupils to take responsibility for their own learning. By reflecting on their own performance, pupils are given the opportunity to evaluate their own progress and develop individual targets.



The S3 English Course focuses on developing the skills you have learned in S1 and S2. We will continue to help you to improve your Reading, Writing, Listening and Talking. The main objective of the S3 Course is to ensure you learn how to analyse and evaluate, fiction, non-fiction and media and digital texts. As in S1 and 2, you will be timetabled to attend English lessons 4 periods per week.

How will I learn?
*Through active learning and by working independently and with others.
*By studying and creating a range of texts including: novels, short stories, poems, films, reports…and more!

What will I achieve?
Progression: National Qualifications (depending on progress made) at:
*Access 3
*National 4
*National 5

Our options for our Senior Pupils are rich and varied. In the English Department, we aim to ensure that the skills you learn with us can be used across the school in all of your other subjects. This is possible because the study of English will allow you to:

*Improve your Communication and Literacy Skills
*Develop your creativity
*Explore the richness and diversity of literature and language
*Develop critical thinking skills
*Develop an understanding of Scottish culture and that of other countries
*Prepare you for life and the world of work

We currently offer the following courses of study to our S5/6 pupils:

National 3/4: Pupils are given the opportunity to develop skills they have accquired in S1-3. You will experience a varied range of literature across the year. Pupils are required to complete a number of internal assessments throughout the course of the year. These assessments focus on your Reading, Writing, Listening & Talk skills. Pupils must pass all of these assessments as well as the Added Value Unit and Literacy unit in order to achieve a National 3 or 4 award.  There is NO SQA exam at the end of this course, so you must make sure that you work hard all the way through the year!

National 5: This course offers pupils the oppertunity to study more challenging literature as well as a Scottish Set text. Pupils are assessed throughout the year on their Reading, Writing, Listening & Talk skills through internal assessments. Pupila are also required to complete a portfolio of writing which is submitted to SQA for assessment in March. Pupils are also required to sit an exam set by SQA at the end of the year.

Media Studies - National 4&5: Pupils now have the opportunity to study Media Studies in the department. This is a highly enjoyable course offering pupils the experience of a range of media. Pupils must sit internal assessments throughout the year and they must produce a final project which will be assessed. If sitting National 5 there will also be an SQA exam at the end of the year.

Higher English:

The Higher qualification in English immerses learners in literature and has recently been updated. Pupils will be given an understanding of the great works of writing in English – from various cultures including studying a Scottish set text – and be encouraged to study these independently. Learners will gain extensive skills in understanding, evaluation, comparison and analysis. They will be able to work on their own and carry out close examination of texts, making reference to material they have studied earlier. They will learn how to express themselves in a sophisticated fashion in a variety of forms. Pupils will be required to sit internal assessments throughout the year, submit a portfolio of writing and sit a final examination in May.

Advanced Higher English:

The Advanced Higher qualification in English enables learners to specialise in various areas of study. They will be given the opportunity to closely study some of the great works of English literature. Learners will also improve considerably their ability to think and work independently. Their language skills will be sophisticated, as will  their analytical skills.


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