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Physical Education

The Physical Education Department promotes a ‘Sport for All’ ethos towards all school and community-based sporting opportunities including Core Activities, Nationally Certificated Physical Education Courses and Extra-Curricular Clubs.

The overriding aim of the department is that all students will experience a stimulating and challenging learning environment where they can participate equally and share success at a level appropriate to their own needs. Achievement is therefore widely celebrated within the department; whether it is an individual example of academic distinction within a PE-related qualification, or a team-based sports performance of merit.


PE staff members are committed to providing all students with the confidence and opportunities necessary to instill physical activity as a central part of their everyday life. In delivering a broad and balanced curriculum, it is the intention to develop the knowledge and skills essential to maintaining a healthy, happy and active lifestyle upon leaving school.  Students are encouraged to adopt positive lifelong choices, either through recreational physical activity offered by onsite leisure facilities, or by continuing within competitive sport supported by our strong links to community clubs.


In offering an element of choice within a variety of activities and delivering lessons in an enthusiastic and interesting manner, it is the intention that not only will there be improvements within physical health, but development will also be significant within mental well-being, including stronger social skills, improved self-esteem and an increase in overall motivation.








S1/2 Curriculum for Excellence PE

Pupil will participate in a range of activities in the S1/2 curriculum giving them an opportunity to experience a breadth of  PE. Pupils will develop their understanding of fitness and human movement through practical activity. They will learn to cooperate and compete in a range of activities and evaluate both their own and others work.   This course will cover; anesthetics, athletics, aquatics, game concepts, movement for games and striking and rebounding. These aspects will be taught through a range of activities typical to PE and through this pupils will develop; physically, socially and emotionally.


S3-4 Core PE

Pupils will participate in 2 periods of core PE per week. At this stage pupils are giving options towards the activity programme they participate in. Some of the activities on offer include; football, rugby, swimming, water polo, lifesaving, gymnastics, dance, table tennis, badminton, volley ball, basketball, athletics, trampolining, the list goes on…

Throughout these activities we encourage high participation and aim to develop pupils leadership skills.


S3 Elective PE

This course is aimed towards those wishing to undertake PE at certificate level in the future. This will give pupils a foundation of knowledge and essential experience, preparing them for National 4/5 PE in S4/5. There are two different courses: S3 games and S3 aesthetics.

The games course consists of: football, volleyball, table tennis, fitness, basketball, swimming, badminton and athletics.

The aesthetics course consists of: trampolining, gymantics, dance and synchronised swimming.

Pupils will be required to do more written tasks in addition to homework.


National 4/5 PE

This course is relatively new and replaces standard grade. During this course pupils will work through 2 units; practical performance unit, factors impacting on performance and 1 added value unit: where pupils manage, run and participate in a tournament.

Pupils undertaking this course will develop their fitness, technical  performance, evaluation and analytical skills; through a range of activities. Pupils will develop knowledge and understanding of the factors impacting on performance; physical, mental, social and emotional.

National 5 students will complete a portfolio of work which will be sent away and assessed by SQA. This along with practical performance grades and the added value unit will form the assessment element of the course.

There is also an option of an aesthetic based course which will allow the pupils to complete the course through aesthetic discipline such as dance and trampolining.

National 4/5 Parent guide

National 5 Dance Outline

Higher PE

Following on from National 5, the new higher  will have a more in depth approach to the factors impacting performance. the detail and analytical approach to their answers is what makes this course more demanding than N5. The level of practical performance is more demanding and a higher ability is needed to pass. This course is assessed internally for the unit passes but the course award comes from a one off practical performance and a written exam marked externally by the SQA.

There is also an option of an aesthetic based course which will allow the pupils to complete the course through aesthetic discipline such as dance and trampolining.

Higher PE Outline

Higher PE Dance Outline


S5/6 Core PE

Pupils will participate in 2 periods of PE, similar to the S3/4 core programme, pupils are given options of activity to participate in. S5/6 pupils will have a range of onsite and offsite activities; some of what’s on offer includes: golf, ice skating, Energy Gym, tennis, trampolining and many more. This course will encourage pupils to participate in life long physical activity, through introducing them to a wide range of activities and encouraging them to use local community facilities.