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A little bit about our department...


The very busy Home Economics department promotes a positive approach towards Health & Well Being and the technologies.  The main of the department is that all pupils will experience a challenging, focused and stimulating environment with Health, Nutrition, life skills, consumer issues, textiles and practical cookery skills at the heart of pupils learning.  Pupils are encouarged to partcipate fully in all aspects of their learning and have the opportunity to contribute towards their experiences.

During the school year, junior phase students particpate in Cupcake and Cake decorating competitions, India Week and Rapid Response activities.  Senior phase Hospitality students have the chance to showcase their talents at events such as our annual Burns Supper McMillan Coffee Morning and Celebration of Success.

The HE department has four members of staff:

H.Capper (Principal Teacher)



S.Ansquer (Principal Teacher of Guidance)

Current accomadation consists of two fully equipped kitchens and one multi-purpose classroom.


S1 & S2..

In S1, pupils study HE for 2 periods per week, and in S2, pupils study HE for 1 period per week,  We aim to nurture pupils natural enthusiasm for HE, harness their skills and talents and develop this into transferable skills and lifelong knoweledge.

S1 topics include:- Design & Make (Cushion), Healthy & Safety, Kitchen Hygiene, Weighing, Measuring and safe use of the cooker.

S2 topics include:- Nutrition, Healthy Eating, Design & Make (a healthy dish), Packaging, Labelling, Food Miles, Convenienece foods and Fair Trade.

Practical Lessons in S1/2 link in with all theory being taught.

S1/S2 Charge- £35.00




Pupils choosing Home Economics in S3 will continue to further develop the knoweldge and skills learnt in S1/2.  S3 pupils will attend HE 2 periods per week.  The course is divded into 4 topics that will afford pupils a good grounding in the knowledge and skills required for further study at National 4/5 level in S4;-

  1. Dietary needs of Individuals and related dietary diseases
  2. Design and Make- Apron
  3. Hygiene
  4. Food and the consumer


S3 Charge- £25.00



The HE department offers courses in Hospitality at National 3 & 4 level and Health & Food Tehnology (HFT) at National 3, 4 & 5 level.  If the demand exists, Fashion and Textile Technology (FTT) is also available, again at National 3, 4 & 5 levels.  S4 will attend HE 4 periods per week.

S4 Hospitality Charge- £60.00

S4 HFT charge- £20.00


S5/6 ...

The HE department offers courses in Hospiatlity at National 4 &5 level, Practical Cake Craft at National 5 level, HFT at National 4, 5 and Higher and FTT at National 4 & 5 (if the demand exists). Pupils will attend the department 5 periods per week.

Course outlines are as follows:


Hospitality - at National 3,4 &5 level the following units are studied, increasing in depth and content as each level is achieved:

  • Cookery Skills- Techniques & Processes
  • Understanding & Using Ingredients
  • Organisational Skills for Cooking 
  • National 4- added value unit- producing a meal
  • National 5- External Course Assessment & Practical Activity


S5/6 Hospiatlity Charge - £60.00


Health & Food Technology (HFT) - at National 4,5 & Higher Level the following units are studied, increasing in depth and content as each level is achieved:

  • Food for Health
  • Food Product Development
  • Contemporary Food Issues-
  • National 4- added value unit- Assignment
  • National 5 & Higher - Assignment and External Question Paper


S5/6 HFT Charge- £20.00


Practical Cake Craft (PCC) - at National 5 level the following units are studied

  • Cake Baking
  • Cake Finishing
  • Assignment- Practical Activity


S5/6 PCC Charge- £60.00


Fashion and Textile Technology (FTT)- at National 3, 4 & 5 the following units are studided

  • Textile Technologies
  • Fashion/Textiles item development
  • Fashion and Textile choices
  • National 3- no course assessment
  • National 4- Added Value Unit- Making a Fashion/Textile item
  • National 5- Course Assessment- Practical Activity


FTT Charge- £25.00