Mountain Safety

Lesson Description Resources E G H Additional Information
MS 1
Cairngorm John pp. 1-9
Campcraft & Wilderness Skills pp. 128-133
MS 2
Emergency Procedures & Equipment
Survivor's Science: In the Forest p. 41
Campcraft & Wilderness Skills pp. 124-125, 140-143
MS 3
Group & Casualty Management        
MS 4
Case Study
Case Study: Helen Mallinson
Cairngorm John Ch. 9 pp. 81-88
Completed report due 31.10.15.
MS 5
(adapted from Lupine Adventure)
Hostile Habitats pp.10-21 
Survivor's Science: In the Forest pp. 12-13
Campcraft & Wilderness Skills pp. 134-139
MS 6
Coping with the Unexpected
Video: The Decisions We Make (excellent example of how to do things right)
MS 7 Mountain Rescue Video: Cairngorm MRT       Cairngorm John, especially pp. 27-56, 69-80, 89-95, 103-146, 165-261
MS 8
Mountain Safety Assessment Mountain Safety Take Home Paper       Due 31.01.16. Must be completed if you did not do MS4 Case Study, or no expedition.