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The Drama Department aims to develop highly transferrable skills such as creating, presenting, evaluating, analysing, reflection, leadership and initiative.  Drama is also an excellent tool for showcasing pupil creativity and imagination and lends itself well to the four capacities of “A Curriculum For Excellence.”

Pupils participate in a range of practical and theoretical activities.  


The Drama Studio has excellent resources, including lighting and sound equipment, which pupils use and learn about from S1.  ICT is also used to enhance pupil experience and to develop their sklills.

Extra-curricular drama opportunities include attending theatre theatre productions (within and outwith Dundee) and participating in school productions. 



S1 and S2

in S1 and S2, pupils study Drama 1 period per week.

In S1, pupils develop core skills in Voice and Movement, culminating in the Pantomime Unit at Christmas. Terms 3 and 4 develop pupil skills in Theatre Arts, with pupils learning about stage lighting and sound.

Towards the end of S1, pupils study a Characterisation Unit, where they learn techniques for developing and sustaining a character.

In S2, pupils develop their devising skills, looking at aspects of role play, playwriting and stylised movement.  Towards the end of the course, pupils prepare for National 4/5 drama by creating and presenting a short drama, enhanced with theatre arts, including set, props and costume.


In S3, pupils study Drama 2 periods per week.

S3 pupils build on prior learning, looking at melodrama and storytelling in the first two terms, covering drama forms and techniques, structure and staging.

Pupils devise and present a Christmas performance, based on “A Christmas Carol,” which is presented to an invited audience.

After Christmas, pupils work on a unit called “Drama on Stage,” which showcases the acting and technical skills learnt from S1-S3.  The drama will have a specific focus and cross curricular links are made wherever possible.

Int 2/Higher


Int 2 / Higher Drama is delivered over 5 periods a week and consists of 3 Units which are internally assessed by NAB assessments.  There are also external Practical and Written examinations.  A pass in all internal assessments and the external examinations are rquired for a full course award.

Int 2 Drama:

Int 2 Drama develops pupils’ devising and directorial skills (Drama Skills Unit) and introduces them to the roles and responsibilities of a Theatre Production Team (Theatre Production Unit) during which they apply design and technical skills to the performance of two short textual extracts. The final Production Unit allows pupils to specialise in one area of Theatre Production and to apply their design concepts and skills to the performance of a scripted play. This performance is externally assessed by an SQA Examiner and is worth 50% of the course award The remaining 50% is externally assessed in a written SQA exam paper in May.

Higher Drama:

The Drama Skills Unit at Higher requires pupils to write a script, rather than devise.  As with Int 2, pupils direct a 5 minute segment of the drama. 

Pupils will study a range of texts for the two other units: Study of a Text in its Theatrical Context and Contemporary Scottish Theatre. Essays written will assess pupils' knowledge and understanding of political and historical context, religious dimensions, issues of gender, nostalgia and tradition, characterisation, language and themes. Both units also involve an Acting Exam, externally assessed by a visiting examiner, worth 50% of the course award.  Pupils also complete a 2.5 hour written paper during the SQA exam diet also worth 50%.