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The Art and Design Department is based upon a determination to provide at all times a rewarding, stimulating and enjoyable experience for all pupils, equipping each pupil with a range of skills that permits lively awareness and understanding of the visual world and its links to fine art, sculpture, design and photography.

The expectation of high standards of work that has led many to study for degrees in Fine Art, Jewellery, Animation, Textiles, Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing, Interior Design and Architecture, the department offers courses that also appeal to those who love Art and Design even if it is not to be at the heart of their career.


S1 and S2

pupils will attend Art and Design 2 periods a week

In S1 and S2 the priorities for the Art department are to develop pupils' capacity to invent, create, design and interpret. For Art and Design the key is to educate young people, not just to train them in skills for work, to encourage an awareness of the world but to provide them with the tools to respond to that awareness. Through S1 and S2 we will build our pupils confidence in these areas, first with basic skills in S1 and through into longer more indepth projects in S2. Pupils are given the oportunity to work in a variety of different mediums to build confidence in drawing, painting, 3D, paper sculpture, printmaking, 3D deign, and Graphic Design. The course is designed with Art and Design History as an integral part of the curriculum.



S3/4 National 4 and 5 Art and Design.

pupils will attend Art and Design 2 periods a week.

Learners work on the level 4 experiences and outcomes in S3, to prepare for the appropriate National Qualification in S4.

The Art and Design National 4 and 5 course has an integrated approach to learning, and includes a mix of practical learning and knowledge and understanding.

It consists of two main areas: Design and Expressive.

Within each of these units learners expand upon their media handling skills, using equipment and materials expressively in 2D or 3D. Learners are also encouraged to explore the possibilities of using technologies creatively when researching and developing ideas. Learners develop an understanding and appreciation of artists’ and designers’ working practices as well as develop knowledge of the social and cultural influences on art and design work. Creative use of sketchbooks is a new key aspect of the National 4 and 5 Course.


S5/6 Higher/Intermediate 2 Art and Design

The Higher qualification in Art & Design gives learners a thorough understanding of their creative skills and the visual environment. They will examine cultural, social and historical influences on visual communication. The course encourages candidates to use materials and technology to understand, appreciate and respond to their world. Learners will gain skills in the creation of two and/or three-dimensional arts using a variety of materials and technologies. This course allows learners to become creative thinkers and independent learners

S6 Higher Photography

Photography has an increasingly significant core function within the Creative Industries and also within the commercial and scientific community in Scotland.

The camera has become both a tool and medium in almost every area of the Creative Industries. Fine Art practitioners are now embracing digital imaging technology and using it as a medium in its own right, or combining it with conventional photographic techniques.

The Photography Course offers learners’ the opportunities for an integrated, hands-on, skill development with clear exit paths to employment or progression onto further and/or higher education. This course aims to develop learners’ practical skills, knowledge and understanding as well as planning and evaluation skills.


S6 Advanced Higher

Two courses are available for learners to study at this level:

Design Enquiry – with Expressive Activity OR Design Study

Expressive Enquiry – either Design Activity OR Visual Arts Study