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The current S1 pupils follow courses based on Experiences and Outcomes for Curriculum for Excellence. This is the course your child will follow on arrival in St Paul’s.
In First and Second year, classes are generally organised on a mixed ability basis. Some broad banded setting takes place in English and Mathematics and encourages all pupils with special aptitudes and abilities while ensuring special support be given to pupils with learning needs.


Subjects studied are English, Mathematics, Social Subjects (History, Geography and Modern Studies), Religious Education, Science, French, Spanish or German, Music, Art, Drama, Craft, Design and Technology (C.D.T.), Home Economics, Information and Communications technology (I.C.T.) and Physical Education.   A Programme of Social Education (P.S.E.) is also undertaken which continues through to S6.   The P.S.E. programme is taught by Guidance staff.

In second year pupils continue to follow courses based on Curriculum for Excellence activities.   Much work will be undertaken to extend the cross curricular activities throughout all departments.  Learning Together in Dundee has equipped St Paul’s to launch into new curricular areas.


There is a wide variety of subjects studied in S3/S4.  In addition all pupils will follow courses in Physical Education, Religious Education and Personal and Social Education.


Assessment follows the demands of the S.Q.A. examinations and is undertaken continuously.  Prelim exams take place for S4/S5/S6.


Most pupils stay on in school to undertake study in Fifth and Sixth year.  At this stage there is a wide range of courses which provide progression from achievement at Standard Grade and Intermediate.   S5 pupils may choose to follow Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2 or Higher courses. S6 pupils may follow Advanced Higher. Dundee City Council has put forward proposals for many Advanced Highers to be offered through the City Campus model. Preliminary exams are normally held in February for S5 and S6.


Enhanced curriculum opportunities are available for those who opt to study alternative subjects.